HPLC filters, UHPLC filters and Guard solutions to meet all your needs
  • Cost effective protection for HPLC columns
  • 400 bar pressure rating
  • 2um porosity
  • Simple to install. finger tighten
  • Compatible with all HPLC systems
  • Cost effective protection for UHPLC columns
  • 1000 bar pressure rating
  • 0.5um porosity
  • Wrench tighten
  • Compatible with all UHPLC systems
  • HOrizon guard cartridges significantly increase the lifetime of all HPLC columns
  • Guard cartridges prevent the contamination and particulate build up on the column being used
  • Available for all phase chemistries and column diameters
DescriptionPart Number
Horizon Analytical Pre-Column Filter PEEK (pk5)HPCF-AN20-05
Horizon Analytical Pre-Column Filter Peek (pk10)HPCF-AN20-10
Horizon UHPLC Pre-Column Filter (pk5)HPCF-UHP-05
Horizon UHPLC Pre-Column Filter (pk10)HPCF-UHP-10
Horizon Guard HolderHGH1

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